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The Lost Island


Kevin D. Hanson

Grade 4

(Medium-Advanced) 7 min 30 sec

You happen upon a mysterious uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Through the mist, you can see it as you approach, and hear the sounds of the ocean hitting the beach. With every tum there is a seeming new adventure, and possibly even danger. A recurring musical theme always brings you back, as you remember where you are; lost and alone. After a lot of tension and worry, you realize that it’s not so bad.

You stop and appreciate the beauty of where you are at – the landscape, beautiful flowers, and more. It's really a beautiful place……and the
adventure continues.

Finally, you awaken to realize that it's simply been a dream ….But the memory of that island still haunts you and remains in your mind.



For sale with JW Pepper Music.

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